Pixel Skull Art Collective
The Pixel Skull Art Collective is setting sails destined to alter the established art scene. Trailblazing 3D Virtual Art Space and NFT Platform launch with 444 digital artworks (NFTs) by 52 established and emerging artists.

About Pixel Skull
The core Pixel Skull crew is a group of creative professionals from around the globe, with a vast portfolio of projects and experience. They are on a mission to liberate the elite art market through an easy-to-access bridge between artists and collectors.

The Pixel Skull Art Collective invites artists and collectors to experience a collective journey through art — exploring the new depth of the metaverse through NFTs and VR exhibitions, digital fashion & performances. It also aims to connect the digital and the real world through physical exhibitions, events, and speaker series.

Our key principles are inclusivity, community, curiosity, creativity, & freedom.

The Artists
The Art
The Virtual Museum
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