Custom Pattern Designs

If you have a project where you need a pattern, let's develop it together.

My name is Philippe, I’m a graphic designer by trade, with deep knowledge & passion for pattern design. I'm in love with the art of pattern design and excited to inspire you.

My work was commissioned by companies like Whole Foods, adidas, Blackrock, Pepsi — sportswear companies, airlines, fashion brands, and many private clients, creating custom pattern designs for events, spaces, interiors, digital, and print. Understanding colors, size, complexity, storytelling, and aesthetics gives me the unique ability to create patterns not just for pure joy, but also from a strategic perspective.

What is the right message within a pattern? How many details does the pattern need, and how many colors do we want to use to create an impact, but not overload the space it will live in?

My pattern work ranges from abstract, conceptual, floral, typography, and logo-driven works. The power of patterns as a wallpaper or a background for a homepage is what I love to create, working with the intrinsic repetition of the elements, creating a truly beautiful work of art.​​​​​​​ Pattern design has a long tradition and the craft itself is an art form I love to keep alive. 

Give yourself the joy to create a pattern or series of patterns for your next project with me. I'm looking forward to working with you.
The Art of Repetition - How a Pattern Creates Life.

While repetition is in today's world a word of contempt, everybody looking and striving for uniqueness, pattern design creates the impossible bridge of both worlds. Seeing a well-crafted pattern brings a fascinating sensation of surprise, while the repetition within the pattern manifests comfort. When crafted the right way, the repetition becomes invisible. It tricks the eye to oversee the border, elements blending into each other and the game of scanning each detail of the pattern, not knowing where to start and end, begins.

The details make the ingredients of the pattern recipe; well crafted, and each of them amuses the viewer and elevates the appreciation of the work, and the desire to own it. The possibility of scaling in and out of the details, and being amused with the sheer infinity creates admiration.

Over time the pattern becomes part of the environment within which it sits. On a wall, on a product, or as wallpaper on a phone, it creates identity while not becoming old. It keeps spreading its energy, moving and teasing the mind of the viewer, over and over.

When the pattern becomes part of our lives, we understand more about life itself. The complexity of it, the realization that there are parts that come and go. The beauty; and the fact that patterns and life are complex, and not easy to understand. Maybe never, but we enjoy every moment of it.
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