Billboard on Mall in Baja de Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Street signs advertising "Pirulitos"
Print Ads
Billboard in Rio de Janeiro
Bus stop poster in São Paulo
Giant floating Soccer ball for the River Tiete and Rio de Janeiro Bay
Production process and projection mapping tests
Story board sequences for the projection mapping
Nike Soccer Ball in 9x9m diameter
Paint job and Projection mapping test
Bus Design and Night version of the giant ball
Youth dribble/soccer contest event "Peneira 90" traveling all major cities in Brazil, below an event in Rio de Janeiro
Subway station take over, Billboard campaign and Peneira 90 event in São Paulo
Outdoors, Billboards, Print Ads, Special Activations, Stickers, Metro Station Takeover
Client: Nike Brazil
Lead Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Agency: Age.
Creative Direction: Rodney Lobos
Senior Designer/Art Direction: Philippe Intraligi
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