The idea to create these shoes came from wanting to create an adaptable shoe that embodied classic style and silhouettes, while appeasing the modern day woman. We understand how busy days are, and sometimes, there’s no time to run home and create a new look before moving onto another part of the day (or night) — so we designed a shoe that is flexibly structured (mirroring the flow of a day), that provides support and cushioning while remaining aesthetically beautiful.

We exist at the intersection of functional, innovative design, and fearless art. Our world class factory and supply-chain allows us to source from the best materials, while working with state of the art inventors, innovators, and product thinkers. A shoe says so much about a person’s life — and we allow that mode of thinking to play into how we see the world.

We value diversity, innovation, and artistry, and those are ideals we keep in mind with every pair of shoes we build. But weAre the future is not just about shoes — the first thing you probably realize when reading our name and seeing our shoes, is the word “we” — our community strives to intelligently improve the quality of life of those involved, while having fun and remaining curious.

Brand: weAre the future 
Creative Director: Philippe Intraligi
Art Direction: Georgie Ichikawa
Designer: Canbin Su
Photographer: Benjamin Hung
Stylist: @decorin1219
Clothing: Donnah Mabel
Hair/Make: Sensyusan
Accessories: Shiberia
Model: Pia Teresa
3D: CJ Yen & Joe Lin
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